2018 Ford Expedition: Aluminium Got Consumers Worried

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Like the Ford F-150, it looks like Ford is also planning to give the Ford Expedition the same aluminum upgrade that the F-150 received. When Ford first announces their plans with the Ford F-150, the consumers were worried that aluminum will not be a strong enough material for the truck and while the consumers also seem to have some concern with the Expedition upgrade, it looks like it does not have anything to do with the toughness of the material.

Ford has already proved to their customers that aluminum is strong enough. The Ford F-150 was a huge hit and people seems to have accepted that the aluminum upgrade was a good thing but we also know that the aluminum upgrade did not come cheap.

Some people are worried that the price of the Ford Expedition would jump after the upgrade. However, there are others who thinks that the price will remain the same as the high selling price of the Ford Expedition will be more than enough to cover the cost of the upgrades.