2018 Ford EcoSport Won’t Play Rough Like Bronco

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The Ford Bronco is great for those that wouldn’t mind driving a gas guzzler around but for those looking for an SUV that is more refine and fuel efificent, the Ford EcoSport will be the perfect partner.

We know that Ford will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show but it has just been reveal that one of the models that Ford will be showing off is the Ford EcoSport model. The vehicle was leaked by DJ Khaled who Snapchatted the “Go Small. Live Big” event that is happening this week.

Ford later confirmed that they will officially be showing off the Ford EcoSport on the 14th of November at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

We know that Ford is looking to bring in 4 new SUVs to the US. One of them will be the Ford Bronco and it looks like the Ford EcoSport will take up the other spot.