2018 Ford Bronco: Mustang Kicked Aside By Family

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The Ford Mustang sales have been slowing down to the point where Ford had to actually stop the production plant for a few weeks just so that they won’t be overstocked with Mustangs. Some people believe that things will only get worst for the Ford Mustang when the Ford Bronco finally arrives.

To be fair, the Ford Mustang is not the only muscle car in trouble right now. The fact is that people are slowly moving away from muscle cars like the Ford Mustang and the arrival of popular SUVs like the Ford Bronco is only going to make things harder for Mustang.

Consumers have been begging Ford to bring back the Ford Mustang for the longest time now and all eyes will be on the new Ford Bronco when it finally arrives and a lot of people will end up picking the new Bronco over the Mustang.

Can Ford do anything to save the Mustang?