2018 Ford Bronco Going To Be The Death Of Mustang

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The Ford Mustang was an instant hit when it the new model was released a few years ago but things have started slowly down for them this year. In fact, the declining sales have forced Ford to shut down their production plant for a few weeks.

While we are hoping that things would get better for them, it does not look like that is going to be the case especially now that Ford has made it clear that they will be bringing back the Ford Bronco.

Muscle cars, in general, are not that popular now, everybody seems to be gravitating towards SUV which is probably why Ford felt that this was the right time to bring back the Ford Bronco but with the Bronco here, will the Ford Mustang sales be affected?

A lot of poeple seems to believe that the Ford Mustang will be shoved aside once the Ford Bronco arrives. What do you think?