2018 Dodge Demon: Good Never Sound So Bad

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The world can’t wait to see what the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon will be offering when it arrives and while Dodge will not be unveiling it anytime soon, at least we got to hear how it sounds like. Let’s just say you will know it is the Demon when you hear it.

To make sure the Demon can handle all the extra torque that it will be producing, Dodge made a few changes to the Dodge Challenger Demon including a new torque reserve launch system. That combined with the Nittos and new suspension will help the Demon keep everything in control.

While it does get the job done, what we end up getting is a Dodge Challenger Demon that sounds like it is broken. The odd sound is unlike any other models in the market so you won’t mistaken it for any other model other than the Demon. Y9ou can hear how it sound like in the video below.

There were also talk about the Demon possibly coming in with an 815hp engine with 757lb ft of torque.