2018 Audi RS3 Trying To Hide

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We do not know if Audi is going to offer the Audi RS3 here in the US in 2018 but many there are already talks about it and this is spy shots taken by Reddit users seems to suggest that one might really be on the way.

The vehicle was heavily covered in camo so it is hard to determine what is under all that but a lot of people seems to believe that it could be the upcoming Audi RS3 model. Many of them believe that the oval RS pipes in the back are a huge clue as to what is under all that camo.

If this is really the upcoming Audi RS3 is, we can’t wait to see how the actual production model will look like. Even in its test form, the vehicle is looking like it is going to be a real head turner.

It is believed that the Audi RS3 will be coming in as a 2018 model. You can check out the images here.