2017 Volkswagen Golf: How Many Will US Get?

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Volkswagen is about ready to show off their refresh Volkswagen Golf which will be coming in with a new exterior upgrade along with a few new tech and features.

According to Autobild, the Volkswagen Golf will be coming in with a new set of LED headlights on the front and a new bumper. The rest of the exterior will stay almost unchanged. On the inside, the Volkswagen Golf will come with a new digital instrument cluster along with new features like a head-up display and a new system that will improve the stop-and-go traffic feature.

It was also reported that the Volkswagen Golf will be coming in with an upgraded steering and an upgraded engine that will have better fuel efficiency. The plug-in hybrid GTE is also expected to get more power when it arrives.

The question now is how many of these upgrades will make it onto the US model.