2017 Toyota Prius US: We Like Our Interior Hot!

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Well, not really we won’t have a choice. While Prius owners in Japan and Europe will get to enjoy the cooled interior as soon as their enter the cars, we are not.

According to Automotive News, the solar panel roof feature that will be offered in Japan, as well as one the Prius PHEV in Europe, will not be offered on the Prius Prime here in the US.

The solar panel will be able to boost the fuel economy by 10% according to Toyota as it will be providing the power to the power windows, lamps as well as the fan. The panel will power a circulation fan so that the car if kept cooled even when it is park under the sun. This way, you won’t have to crank up the A/C when you get in and the electric power that will be used by the A/C can then be save.

Most consumer think that the missing solar panel feature is not a loss but if you are hoping to get one, Toyota has assured that the solar panel model will come to the US in the future.