2017 Tesla Model 3: Future Problem Predicted

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You better hope that your Tesla Model 3 comes without any issues and stays that way for a period of time because you will be forced to wait days or weeks if you needed to get the Tesla Model 3 fixed.

Some Tesla Model X and Model S users have already started reported that they are being asked to wait for a ridiculous amount of time just to get their Tesla vehicles fixed.

Tesla owners reported that they were asked to wait for 7 to 10 days just to get a small issue fixed. Those with serious problems will have to wait for weeks before they can get it fixed.

It looks like the problem stems from the lack of service center and the overwhelming amount of people that needs to get their vehicle fixed. This will only go from bad to worst once Tesla brings out the Tesla Model 3.

Hopefully, they find a solution for it before the Model 3 starts arriving.