2017 Tesla Model 3: Already Cracking Before Arrival

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Those that ordered themselves a Tesla Model 3 are still waiting for the vehicle to arrive and based on where Tesla is at right now, it is estimated that the Tesla Model 3 might be arriving in 2018.

While we are still waiting for the vehicle to arrive, some people have already predicted some of the issues that the new Tesla Model 3 owners will be experiencing when the vehicle arrive like the service time issue.

Even without the Tesla Model 3 here, Tesla is already having trouble fixing their existing Tesla in a timely fashion. Owners reported that they were asked to wait for 7 to 10 days just to get a minor issue fix while those with major issues are told to wait for weeks before Tesla can get it fixed.

Things will only get worst once the Tesla Model 3. Hopefully, Tesla ca get their service centers sorted out before that happens.