2017 MazdaSpeed 3: Should Mazda Go Down That Route

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Everybody seems to want to own a hot hatch now and the fact that Mazda is missing out on all the action is weird. Poeple have been talking about Mazda possibly building a MazdaSpeed 3 model ever since the Mazda 3 was upgraded but so far, we have not seen or heard anything that might indicate that one is coming.

Some people think that Mazda has no interest in going down that route mainly because they are now trying to work their way into the premium market. If that is the case, performance model like the MazdaSpeed 3 will not fit with the lineup.

Others think that there is just not enough demand for the MazdaSpeed 3 to convince Mazda that that is what they need to do right now. The MazdaSpeed 3 will compete with models like the Volkswagen Golf R

Do you think Mazda should build one or do you think they are better off without it?