2017 MazdaSpeed 3: Anybody Still Waiting

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Fans have been waiting for Mazda to come out with a new MazdaSpeed 3 ever since they brought out the new Mazda 3 but Mazda has never indicated that that is what they are looking to do.

With what we already have in the market right now, are the fans still waiting for the MazdaSpeed 3 or have they move on? Most people believe that a MazdaSpeed 3 will be happening and that the new performance model will be coming in with the new Mazda CX-9 engine that Mazda showed off last year.

According to Mazda, the engine was made to be compact enough so that it can be fitted into the other Mazda model. While they did not reveal what model it will be, some people believe that it might be the MazdaSpeed 3.

Do you think there is still space for the MazdaSpeed 3 or is Mazda too late?