2017 Mazda 6 Will Regret Ignoring Their Customers Needs

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People do not usually decide to buy or not to buy a car based on the infotainment system of the vehicle but it does make them more wary if they have heard some bad reviews about the system. Unlike the MyFord Touch, the infotainment system in the Mazda 6 is not that bad but there is definitely room for improvement.

While most automakers are rushing to get their infotainment system fitted with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, Mazda does not seem to be looking to offer the support anytime soon.

While it won’t really affect the performance of the car, the missing feature will force their customers to reconsider if they are going to get the Mazda 6 or not. We know that Mazda will be giving the 2017 Mazda 6 an upgrade but it does look like the infotainment system is going to get the update we want.

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  1. Jeff

    September 12, 2016 at 11:51 am

    The Mazda 6 infotainment system and navigation is just 2nd class! Had I known in advance that there was no real-time traffic on the navigation, I would have purchased another car!