2017 Lincoln Continental: Audi Rival On Paper

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The thing about the Lincoln Continental was that it does sound amazing on paper, in fact, it looks great in real life as well but does it really have what it takes to challenge the Audi A6.

Lincoln definitely got the design right this time. The Lincoln Continental is the right mix of luxury and sleekness. It also has the right engine to offer. the 2017 Lincoln Continental comes in with a 3.7-liter V6 engine that will be delivering about 305hp. There is also a 400hp engine option as well.

Those looking for more comfort can go for the rear seating package which will come with features like heated and cooled seats, infotainment system access in the back and massage seats.

As nice as that sound, some people have reported that they were fairly disappointed by how the car feels on the road and that the interior did nothing to impress them. The 2017 Lincoln Continental will retail for $44,560.