2017 Honda Ridgeline Experience Soured By Dealer

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The Honda Ridgeline is a more than decent truck on paper but what does the owner think of it in real life? Well, one owner seems to think that his Honda Ridgeline is a lemon edition model.

He pointed out some of the issues with the Honda Ridgeline that he has and it was clear that the quality of the Honda Ridgeline is way below what we would expect to get from a Honda. He also added that the dealer refuse to take back the car when he pointed out some of the issues he had with it.

While it is clear that the Honda does have some quality issue, most poeple seems to think that the dealer is the biggest problem here. The tint job done by the dealer was not up to standard and from the way he said they are handling his complaints, he might want to get the vehicle checked by another dealer and see what they have to say about those issues.

Any other 2017 Honda Ridgeline owners experiencing the same issue?