2017 Honda Pilot: Take A Look Inside

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There is not going to be anything exciting going on the outside of the Honda Pilot since Honda has made it clear that they are not going to make any major changes to the exterior of the Honda Pilot. Since the design is still pretty new, we don’t think anybody would really mind that they decide to keep the design for a little longer.

While the exterior will look the same, Honda will still be addressing some of the issues that their customers have been having with the Honda Pilot. Honda will be working to give the interior a much-needed upgrade. The Honda Pilot often describes as having a small interior and Honda is going to do something about that.

Honda will be redesigning the interior so that it can offer more interior space without having to change the measurement of the vehicle. Honda will also be replacing some parts with parts made from lighter material to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle.

Some people were hoping that the blind spot system and six-speed auto transmission will be offered on the Elite model now but it does not look like it is going to happen this time around.