2017 Honda Pilot Design Will Have You Confuse

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Most people would probably think that the 2017 Honda Pilot model did not receive any significant update if they look at the exterior. That is because Honda has decided to not make any changes to the exterior since it is still new but that does not mean that it will be given any major upgrade.

Most of the changes will be happening on the inside. One of the biggest complain that Honda seems to be getting from their Honda Pilot customers is the small interior. A lot of customers are saying that the Pilot feels a little cramp. To fix that, Honda will be giving the Pilot a redesigned interior.

The upgraded interior will allow the Pilot to have more cabin space. Honda will also be using lighter materials to build the Honda Pilot so we can also expect it to be shedding a few pounds when it arrives.

Some Honda Pilot fans were also hoping that the blind spot system will now come as standard on the Elite model but we will have to wait and see if that happens.