2017 Honda CR-V VS Toyota RAV4: Features Holds The Key

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Despite everything Honda CR-V has to offer right now, the Toyota RAV4 is still ahead of them when it comes to sales. While some people think that the hybrid option on the Toyota RAV4 might be the key here, others think that it might because of some of the features that the Toyota RAV4 has to offer right now.

It has been reported that the sales of the Toyota RAV4 went up by 10% after Toyota added the hybrid option. While there are reports suggesting that Honda might offer a hybrid option on their 2018 Honda CR-V, it does not look like the 2017 is going to get the option.

Some consumers have also added that the RAV4 comes with a few handy features that seem to be missing on the Honda CR-V like the 360 view.

We don’t know if things are going to get better for Honda when they bring in the new Honda CR-V with a new design and features but it will be interesting to see which model will come out on top then.