2017 Honda CR-V: RAV4 Takes Advantage Of Green Demands

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Most people are slowly moving towards greener car right now and more and more people are actually looking for hybrid models. That could be the reason why the Toyota RAV4 sales rose by 10% when they first release the Toyota RAV4 hybrid model.

Honda, on the other hand, does not seem to be in a hurry to start offering their models with hybrid options. There were talks about Honda looking to offer a hybrid option on the Honda CR-V but that is only after the 2018 model arrives. There seem to be no plans to offer the 2017 model with a hybrid option.

Because of that, the Toyota RAV4 will have a slight advantage over the Honda Civic model right now and that will most likely cost the Honda CR-V its win this year. Others are also saying that the RAV4 also has a slight advantage over the Honda CR-V because it comes with some extra features like the 360 view which Honda customers have been asking for.