2017 Honda CR-V Missing Features Helps RAV4 Climb

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Honda has successfully reduced the gap between their Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 but they still can’t seem to catch up and overtake the RAV4. While some people think that it might be because of the missing hybrid option, others think that it is because the Honda CR-V is lacking in features.

The Toyota RAV4 sales have gone up by 10% ever since they added the hybrid option leading many to believe that the CR-V would also increase if only Honda start offering the hybrid option. However, it does not look like Honda is looking to offer a hybrid option on the 2017. Some believe that the 2018 model will come with a hybrid option.

Customers also commented that missing features on the Honda CR-V like the 360 view features might also be the reason why people seems to prefer the RAV4 over the CR-V.

With Honda working on a new design for the 2018, things might start to look a little different next year.