2017 Honda Civic Si: Sport Touring Hatch Out Of The Game

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The Honda Civic Si was supposed to come in to fill in the gap between the Honda Civic Sport model and the Honda Civic Type R but it looks like the upcoming Si model might be taking up more space than Honda anticipated.

While we still have not seen the actual production model yet, we got to see the Honda Civic Si concept which Honda showed off at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It might still be called a concept but most people believe that the production model will look very similar to the concept.

After looking at what the Honda Civic Si had to offer, a lot of people said that they would rather wait a little longer for it to arrive than go for the Honda Civic Sport model. A lot of people felt that Honda was a little too safe with the Sport model and that the SI has just the right aggressiveness.

It also helps that the Honda Civic Si will be coming in with a slightly more powerful engine. Would you go for the Sport knowing that the Honda Civic Si is near?