2017 Honda Civic Si: Sport Touring Hatch No Longer Needed

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We were all looking forward to seeing what the new Honda Civic Sport Touring Hatch will look like. It was supposed to be the one to go for if you were looking for something a little more aggressive but that won’t be necessary now that Honda has shown off their Honda Civic SI.

Although the concept that they showed off at the Los Angeles Auto Show was just a concept, most people think that the actual model will not stray too far from the concept. If this is really how the Honda Civic Si is going to look like, we can see why nobody is looking at the Sport Touring hatch anymore.

The Civic SI will not only be coming in with a more aggressive exterior but it is also a lot more powerful compared to the standard Civic model. With that in mind, would you wait or would you just go for the hatchback?