2017 Honda Civic Si Send Hatchback Packing?

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After the Honda Civic sedan., all eyes were on the hatchback model. Not only was it suppose to come with a sportier exterior, it was also the slightly more versatile model.

Although some people were not too happy wth the design fo the hatchback, most people were pretty impress with what Honda had to offer but that was before Honda took out the Honda Civic SI.

Honda showed off the Honda Civic SI at the Los Angeles Auto Show and a lot of people instantly fell in love with the sporty model. The model at the event was just a prototype but most people believe tat the production model will not look too different from the concept.

A lot fo people are now saying that they will wait for the Civic SI to arrive before they decided which model to get. If it were up to you, would you get the hatchback or will you wait for the Si?