2017 Ford Fiesta ST vs Focus ST: A Little Does Makes A Difference

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When it comes to being affordable and fun, the Ford Fiesta ST is the one that comes to mind but there is definitely a reason why the Ford Focus ST comes wth a slightly higher price tag.

One Reddit users tested out both the Ford Fiesta ST and the Ford Focus ST and reported that it is clear why the Focus ST cost more. He said that while the Fiesta ST was extremely fun to drive, the interior looked cheap.

The Ford Focus ST looked a lot better on the inside and is actually as fun as the Fiesta ST. He goes on to say that he would rather cough out a little more money to get the Focus ST than get stuck with a cheap looking Fiesta ST.

The Fiesta ST will be running on a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine that will be offering about 197hp. The engine will return about 23mpg in the city and 33mpg on the highway. The Ford Focus ST, on the other hand, will come with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine that will be delivering about 252hp and will return about 22mpg in the city and 31mpg on the highway.

Do you agree with his opinion?