2017 Ford Fiesta ST Almost Meets RS Potential

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We know that the Ford Fiesta will not be getting the RS badge, however, we might still be able to feel what is like to have a Ford Fiesta RS model thanks to the people over at Mountune.

The Ford Fiesta ST is already a fun car to drive right now but it is not going to stop there. Mountune has announced that they are working on a new turbo upgrade kit for the Ford Fiesta ST model.

With the upgrade, the Ford Fiesta ST will be able to go from delivering 200hp to 280hp. Called the Fiesta ST MRX upgrade, the vehicle will be getting a larger turbocharger along with an ECU tune. Some details are still missing but we should be hearing more about it when the kit goes on sale.

The new Fiesta ST MRX kit will be release later this year. Well, this should helo soothe the pain of not having a Fiesta RS badge model in the market.