2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Sound Like It’s Being Hold Back

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Going down the turbocharged route would mean that the Ford F-150 Raptor will now be able to deliver slightly more power and will also be taking smaller sips of fuel. With all those benefits, you really have to wonder why the fans are not too happy about the whole turbo upgrade.

Well, it seems like a lot of people feel that giving the Ford F-150 Raptor a turbo engine is more of a downgrade than an upgrade not because the engine is bad but because the Raptor will be losing one of its main characteristics and that is its loud roar.

We all know that turbo engines do not sound as good as the conventional engine. In fact, if you hear how the new Ford F-150 Raptor, you would think that something is holding It back from screaming and that something is the turbo engine.

It might not sound great now but looking at what we will be getting in return, we think the loss of its voice is just a small price to pay.