2017 Bugatti Chiron: Price Not A Factor At All

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With the kind of price Bugatti is asking for the new 2017 Bugatti Chiron, who would think that it would probably take them some time before they sell off all 500units of the Bugatti Chiron but at the rate, the Chiron is getting picked up, we don’t think there will be much left soon.

The previous model, the Bugatti Veyron came in with a $1million price tag and at that time, people were already surprised that people would actually get a $1million car. The new Bugatti Chiron now cost $2.7million but that does not seem to be stopping the rich from picking one up.

According to the reports, about 200 orders have already been placed for the Bugatti Chiron so far. Bear in mind, to own one, you will need to put down a $225,000 deposit first.

In case you are wondering, the new Bugatti Chiron will be pushing out an impressive 1500hp with its new engine.