2017 Audi S4: Will They Regret Ditching The Manual?

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We are seeing more and more automakers choosing to offer their new models without a manual transmission. Are they making the right move? Will they be chasing away their customers because of that?

We know that the 2017 Audi S4 will be coming in with an eight-speed auto transmission. The new transmission will replace the 7-speed dual clutch and the 6-speed manual option that Audi has been offering on the 2016 model.

Although the manual fans do not seem to be too happy with the change, the fact is that most people that have made the switch from a manual to an auto transmission do not have much to complain about.

Driving an auto is of course not as fun as driving a manual but most users said that they don’t have any regret changing to auto. They might miss the manual once in a while but admit that autos are not that hard to live with.

Do you think automakers like Audi should continue offering auto transmissions only or should they keep the manual around for a little longer?