2016 Volkswagen Golf Won’t Keep Your Feet Dry

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Some people might swear that the Volkswagen Golf is on of the best vehicles on the market but for this new 2016 Volkswagen Golf owner, that statement is far from the truth.

The new owner went on Reddit to take about how his new Volkswagen Golf has a leaking issue at the back. The owner reported that water would pool in the foot grip and that the carpet was getting wet when he drove the car in the rain. The dealer later concluded that the leaking was due to the cracked speaker mounts.

Some might think that this is just a rare case but another owner stepped forward to report that his new Volkswagen Golf also had a leaking problem but in his case, the dealer said it was a bad seal on the doors.

This might just be a very few rare cases but you might want to look out for water puddles in the back when you purchase the new 2016 Volkswagen Golf.