2016 Chevrolet Camaro vs Ford Mustang: When Speed Don’t Matter

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Chevrolet was right when they say that the all-new Camaro is faster, lighter and more powerful than the Ford Mustang but does this also mean that it is better? The answer is yes but only to a certain extent.

The Camaro might be really fast but the difference in speed when compared to the Mustang is very thin. We have seen both the Camaro and Mustang in person and we really like the styling of both cars. While the Camaro might be able to brag better figures, we would still prefer the Mustang and here’s why.

Unlike the Camaro, the Mustang is apparently a more all-rounded muscle car. This makes the vehicle a better daily driver as it has better fuel economy, better comfort and definitely better visibility. The Camaro might be able to perform better than the Mustang but it can be difficult to drive the car on a daily basis.

Simply put, the Camaro will make a better track car or an occasional speeder. The Mustang well-balanced performance makes it the more attractive option between the two. Wouldn’t you agree?