2014 Mac Mini Release Inside Next 48 Hours?

There is no denying that when it comes to quality and exclusivity with gadgets, Apple creates the best of them. The latest version of the Mac Mini and the Mac Mini I7, which got leaked at Belgium’s ComputerStore, confirmed this to be true.

Despite being just a placeholder on the online retailer’s website, the Haswell Mac Mini is described to run on either the I7 processor or the Intel I5. Apple boasts such a huge fan-base and most of them got fooled into thinking that it is the real thing.

The Mac Mini is expected to do better than all the other devices in its category. This upcoming machine from Apple will run on the latest Mavericks OS which will provide adequate security. The Mac Mini is rumoured to arrive in February which is not far away from now.

As for the computer’s looks, expect it to have that trademark simplicity design by Apple. Other features, like the Wi-Fi, iMessages and Thunderbolt, are all expected to come in the Mac Mini.

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