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Half Life 3: Ignoring Borealis

It is unsure if the Half Life series is dead and gone in the eyes of Valve but fans of the game are still hopeful that a third sequel will be created eventually. For a decade the fans have waited for Half Life 3 and there is still no sign of the game coming. Nevertheless, the fans keep on discussing about it.

The Best Half Life 3 Trailer Concept So Far

For a second there, a Half Life 3 video trailer fooled me into thinking that the game is nearing its release. Then, I managed to get back to reality and realized that it is just a fan-made video trailer of the highly anticipated third sequel.

Half Life 3: There’s No Better Time

Waiting for ten years seems like an impossible task. It is amazing on how the Half Life community was able to do it as they wait for the highly anticipated Half Life 3. Now, a new theory has surfaced and if it is to come true, then Half Life 3 is not far from its release.

WWJC 2014: What Exactly Happened At The iOS Jailbreak Conference

We have all heard of developer’s conferences. It is an annual event hosted by platform makers for their developers. Apple is among those developers that are known to host such an event. However, little is known that there is such a thing as a jailbreakers’ developer’s conference.

Evasi0n iOS 7.1 Untethered Jailbreak: Which Models It Works On

The iOS 7.1 was introduced and distributed by Apple about a month ago and there have been a lot of worries from the jailbreak community. Rumours claim that Jailbreak developer, Evasd3rs, is taking a long break and will return for the iOS 8. However, the unexpected happened.

Titanfall Xbox 360 Digital A No-Go

Titanfall has been doing really well on the Xbox One, and those still on the Xbox 360 can’t wait to get their hands on the game. However, it has not been a walk on the park for current-gen gamers as the game have been suffering multiple delays to its release.